GOP is Dead?

The Republican Party, affectionately referred to as the ‘Grand Old Party’, or GOP, died November 6, 2012, of self-inflicted wounds.

Any resemblance to the Republican Party of 30 or 50 years ago is purely coincidental.

Consider this, if only registered Republicans and Democrats were allowed to vote, the Republicans could not win. Do your own research and look it up. In the recent 30 or so years the Republican Party has consistently attempted to move to the center right in an attempt to garner more votes from Independent voters, and a few Democrats. It has not worked. The GOP cannot create excitement in the minds of voters.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have become the ‘Santa Clause’ party, promising more and more for those who do not pay taxes, and those who work the system, notwithstanding an increasingly liberal youth who no longer believe in the free-market system that provides the income for those who are gainfully employed. Americans have always been charitable, but spreading the wealth of others is not a part of the representative republic the United States was designed to become.

So, what becomes of the elitists who have directed the Republican standards over the past few years? We think they need to go home and sit by the fire, and that includes all those in Congress who have ‘served’ more than three terms in the House, or two in the Senate.

In my view, single issue arguments destroy political platforms and cloud the discussion of Constitutional governance. Some issues, like abortion and right to life, take far too much thought processes for the average voter. Make no mistake, I am a right to life person, but my personal views do not necessarily translate into a national political view. Therein lies the problem.

Republicans, if there is to be a GOP, need to stick to the four or five basic issues that make us conservative republicans. Things like, limited government, balanced budgets, over regulating businesses.

Concentrating on peripheral issues, promoted by the opposition and the media screaming for specifics that depend upon working with the Congress, is folly. What’s wrong with saying “it depends upon what can be worked out with the Congress”?

So long as the GOP fears frankness and participates in limitless broad-brush conversations, it cannot continue as a major political party. That’s my view….