Break from ‘Sad’ to ‘Glad’

If you happen to be a conservative, there is plenty to be ‘sad’ about these several days post election. Now, I realize it may be self-serving, but most of you need to take a short break before you begin to tackle what needs to be done, and you can do that by reading for pleasure rather than the latest bits and pieces from Washington, DC.

Sure, I know you want to keep your finger on the ‘pulse’ of things, be informed, active, and action oriented. Just remember, though, too much activism can inflate the depression you may now be experiencing.

Here’s the hook: Danny Boy Stories are all written about folks and happenings back in the late 1950s, when life was a bit less hectic, a simpler time, in my view a happier time.

Look, take a break from the maudlin situations of today and read a good story. Instantly propel your consciousness into a world of good people, caring for one another, doing what is right. Plenty of romance, adventure, excitement, cops and crime, are yours to experience in Danny Boy Stories, all written in a simple style that is easy to read and understand, but never with any explicit sex.

We’re proud of our wholesome stories that may bring a heartwarming tear to your eye, an appreciation for the deeds of good folks, and, a look back at times when you may have been one of the teenagers described in “The Trickster”. Talk about reasonable: Just 99-cents for individual books, $2.99 for a collection of books. You cannot beat the price for enjoyment time spent.

Just search “Danny Boy Stories” on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, even Google Books, and other sites Every book is ready for your electronic reader, tablet, PC, or phone. Then, lie back and enjoy…some readers will even read the story to you.

Most important of all, let us know what you think. We’re busy writing more for your pleasure, and the bulk of our commissions go to help breast cancer survivors, including a loved one.

Thank you!