The Dilemma

Recently on this blog I suggested the tea party faithful need to re-think their approach and study good public relations techniques if they are to attract support from other than diehard conservatives, others without whom they cannot win the big elections. Reading Facebook and Twitter posts in recent days, I believe, reinforces that assertion.

Judging from various election result maps, it would appear President Obama was elected by voters in major metropolitan areas. Glancing at these maps it is clear at least 80-percent of the United States land area supported Mitt Romney, but the voters are in the remaining heavily populated counties. It’s a striking revelation adding fodder to the pain felt by Romney supporters who still have difficulty coming to grips with their loss, perhaps with plenty of reason.

Philip Guedalla, more than a century ago, said, “People who jump to conclusions rarely alight on them.” Folks angered by the election results, and rightfully fearing another four years of the Obama Administration, are doing a lot of jumping to conclusions these days as they search for relief. Take the petitions from people in 20 states (and counting) asking the White House to consider their states for secession from the union. Original headlines from various blogs said “States” were sending the petitions, rather than individual “citizens”. Folks jumped on that band wagon quickly, thinking there was a wide-spread move afoot by states. Not so.

What the tea party faithful really need to do is take a step back, re-think their methodology, and determine if they want to win elections or merely be an election  footnote as are the Libertarians. Tea party members have something to say and have a solid base from which to work, but, in order to attract other voters in support must move center right in their dialogue. I believe TP leaders are really not very good at “selling” their ideas, and should likely limit themselves to those matters that are more palatable to other voters. Democrats have been doing that successfully for years, and it remains to be seen if the tea party movement damage is irreparable.

Like it or not, American demographics have changed and a tea party “purist” path is likely not going to work to win major elections, however admirable the point of view may be…but, that’s just my opinion.