60 Years of Choices

“By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.”–Proverbs 11:11

America is at this point in its history because of choices we have made. We have allowed ourselves to become less godly. As a nation, we have divorced ourselves from the very faith that brought this country into being. No longer do we spend enough time praying for guidance, indeed we are no longer allowed to pray as we choose by the very government that was established by those who sought refuge in the new world from religious persecution.

No longer are citizens permitted to display their symbols of faith in public places, and in many instances prohibited from practicing religion in our own homes. Some have even been chastised for displaying Old Glory on our lawns by narrowly interpreted municipal or neighborhood regulation. How can this be?

In the past 60 years the United States has become a nation of rules and regulations passed or adopted by those in power. We have allowed ourselves to become subservient to the very people we chose to represent us. We have asked government to do more and be more. In the process, we are giving up our national sovereignty. Is it because we are lazy, self-indulged, afraid of what others may say?

The most important question every citizen should know of a potential elected official is simple: Is the candidate a person of God? Do they have an abiding faith in God?

Our leadership in America now lacks a true faith in God, a prayerful process of decision making. We have allowed our leadership to become those with a limited or lacking religious faith. We have elected those with the most colorful language, lofty rhetoric, making promises we know they are not able to keep. Correcting our errors will take time, more than four years, more than 10 years.

It is well past the time the American people return to electing men and women on the basis of faith in God, with a servants heart, rather than an allegiance to worldly goods. Hand outs will soon run out.