On Further Review…

This past Wednesday, I said this: “…one should not discount the number of years (Joe) Biden has been in the Congress, debating issue after issue. He is likely not the buffoon he is made out to be…” Personally, I caught a lot of flack from tea party friends for that statement.

Thursday (Oct. 11) Vice President Joe Biden proved he is the rude, pompous, crafty political throw-back to the smoke-filled rooms of 40 years ago. Although he was short on facts and figures, his rude interruptions, grins and laughs, prevented Congressman Paul Ryan from carefully laying out the plans and truths that are the Mitt Romney campaign. In preventing Ryan from completing a salient thought with his rudeness, Biden blocked the younger man from winning the arguments with accurate information and fact.

Biden did not present any new information. He did not offer facts to refute challenges to the Obama Administration’s lackluster record. The vice-president simply called upon old line political theater, innuendo, no new ideas, tired threats to an aging populace fearful of losing Social Security benefits, and did it well enough to cloud what could have been a real debate and discussion about the issues.

Apparently, like it or not, Biden did his job. Tea party faithful would do well not to continue to underestimate the opposition, and move into a real attack mode. In my view, distasteful as it may be, those in the grassroots movement continue to talk with one another, exchanging posts and blogs incessantly with friends, when what is really needed is constant convincing communication with those who do not agree.