As the election looms, the average householder has more than enough to shoulder…high unemployment, more taxes coming from the “Affordable Health Care Act”, the Administration refuses to compromise on any budget deal (four already passed by the House), average annual U.S. wage is down, Europe is on the verge of collapse threatening to take America with it… on and on.

Couple all the above items with foreign affairs screw-ups by the Administration, policies that stifle business growth, a potential stock market crash, drought crop failures increases in food prices, and you may find depression rampant in the United States. The problems are many. The solutions are difficult, even if the Congress could come to an agreement on anything at all.

Apparently, our best bet, is to replace the leader-in-charge, because his policies are certainly not working and incompetence is suspect throughout his leadership appointments, never mind what party to which he belongs.