Screw the Doc!

If you are on Medicare, have you ever paid attention to the little report you receive outlining the payments for your last visit to a general practitioner (your doctor)? No? You should.

It is the last column usually indicating what your doctor was paid for your visit. Not the amount he charged, or the amount “approved”, the amount actually paid to him by Medicare. Likely it is about $8 or so. Now, with ObamaCare, that amount will be cut in half! (That’s the $716 billion ObamaCare cuts from Medicare!) Care providers are going to take it in the shorts.

So, let’s just visit about that for a second. Your physician spent upwards of $200,000 to get his medical degree, maybe more. Most GP’s try to see a patient every 15 minutes, or four per hour. At the new Medicare reimbursement rate, that’s $16 per hour. Of course, there is “co-pay” from your pocket, ranging from $15 to $25. Let’s be fair, consider the higher of the two, bringing the hourly pay to $41, including the co-pay. Not bad, you say for an hour’s work.

Let’s say Old Doc Smith works a 36-hour week, 50 weeks out of the year. So, that equates to 1800 total hours in a year, at $41 per hours his gross, before taxes, etc., is $73800, a little less than double the median income of $50,964 for 2012, down a bit from 2011.

At this rate, Old Doc Smith can pay off his student loans in about three years, if he doesn’t pay his help, or taxes, doesn’t eat, own a car, has no home in which to live.

But, this is what ObamaCare has done to Medicare, and it was done with the eyes-wide-open help of the AARP, the nation’s largest purveyor of insurance, although it is supposedly a non-profit group to help Seniors.Here’s what Fox News said about the AARP partnership with ObamaCare last August 24:

“Seniors hated Obama’s bill, because they rightly feared its steep cuts to Medicare with no meaningful cost containment mechanism other than denial-of-care.  Those cuts have already ballooned from an initial estimate of $500 billion to $700 billion, and additional cuts from the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board are authorized without a vote of Congress.

The last Rasmussen poll before the final House passage vote showed opposition to the law among seniors running at 59 percent, versus just 37 percent support, with strong opponents outnumbering strong supporters more than two to one.

We now know, thanks to an investigative report by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, that opposition among AARP’s own membership was even more overwhelming. An e-mail from AARP lobbyists Nora Super to White House staffer Lauren Aronson on July 23, 2009 said: “We really need to talk. Our calls against reform are coming in 14 to one.”

Yet a few months later, AARP was fully on board and officially supporting the very bill that was overwhelmingly opposed by its members. Indeed, so fully on board that Jim Messina (then a top White House staffer and now Obama’s campaign manager) sent AARP executive Nancy LeaMond a December 16, 2009 e-mail with the subject: “Now that byou [sic] support the bill (tomorrow am)” and the body:  “Can we get immediate robo calls into Nebraska urging Nelson to vote for cloture?”

AARP dutifully complied, and their pressure – along with the corrupt Cornhusker Kickback, convinced Ben Nelson to put the bill over the top.

Why did AARP ignore the overwhelming opposition among seniors, calls from their own members running 14-1 against, and emotional town hall confrontations all over the country?


AARP is in the business of selling insurance, and their offerings were uniquely well-positioned to benefit from the bill, because the steep cuts to Medicare Advantage would force beneficiaries into traditional fee-for-service Medicare, making them potential customers for AARP’s Medigap policies.”

It is no wonder so many folks just like me no longer pay dues to AARP. Seniors were sold down the river for Money! Greed!