Negatives -1, Positives -0

Apparently negative advertising of any type is the most powerful weapon in any candidate’s arsenal, and it works.

Half-truth mud-slinging is commonplace in election campaigns. The old cliche if you throw enough mud on the wall, some is bound to stick, works. Dirt is a staple of politics today. It is certainly accurate, as quoted by Adolph Hitler’s propagandist Joseph Goebbels, and Communist Vladimir Lenin, if you tell a lie often enough people will come to believe it true. Perhaps it is because Americans are too lazy to seek more than one source for their facts, but, more likely, they are consumed by other daily things. Folks nowadays seem to believe innuendo more readily that facts. Further, few people take time to search for facts.

Barack Obama, with no successes to trumpet after nearly four years in office, can do nothing but attack his opponent and twist the truth with innuendo, and it is apparently working. His most often quote that his administration “saved a million jobs” cannot be proven at all, and yet voters seem to be gobbling up that untruth. Example: GM has 77,000 workers. Assuming each job begets eight other jobs totals only 616,000. So, where are the million jobs? His so-called “green” industry give away to a few companies found them bankrupt soon after receiving your tax money. Where are the green company jobs now?

If Obama is re-elected to a second term, there will be huge celebrations by voters under the age of 30 who have all been subjected to an education by left-leaning socialistic college and university intelligentsia. Indeed, this could also be true of many in the 30-50 age bracket.

Perhaps the most successful concentrated negativism fostered by the Obama Administration, aided and abetted by a willing national liberal media, is three years actively painting the grassroots tea party movement as “right wing zealots”. Of course, tea party folks are not at all in that category. Although most are conservative thinking, the rank and file simply want, smaller government, less intrusive government, and a hands-off government following Constitutional restrictions. Too, tea party people are angry over the deficit and high taxes caused by ObamaCare. As with any organization, some can be zealous, if that is a fault.

I am personally concerned over Barack Obama’s clear socialistic tendencies, and his Executive Orders giving the Executive Branch unheard of control over the country and its people with only a stroke of his pen.

I will pray November 7th will not find me weeping over the impending demise of the greatest governmental experiment ever devised in the history of man. I am reminded by what Jesus said: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” — Luke 23:34.