Election is Over!

If you watched the nightly news Wednesday, the election for President of the United States is all but over. Obama has won. That’s the substance of lead stories on the major networks reporting on polls taken in Ohio and Florida in recent days. They say President Obama is in the lead and rapidly pulling away. What troubles me is, why?

How any knowledgeable  person can have decided to vote to keep this incumbent in office is a complete mystery to me. Is it only because the American voter is always reluctant to refuse someone a second four-year term? Is it because high flying negative rhetoric has intoxicated Americans as the Pied Piper? Is it because voters cannot figure out the challenger’s character? A look at facts does not help me either:

  • A long list of Executive Orders giving the Executive Branch historic control over the American People and our private businesses, further diluting liberties.
  • Refusal to allow development of natural resources to reduce United States dependency on foreign oil.
  • Nearly complete eradication within the next two years of coal-fired electrical generation plants via stringent EPA requirements, with no replacement of those plants with any other alternative source.
  • Major slashes in military spending, without Congressional approval, reducing our “peace through strength” initiative to less than that of a third world nation.
  • Rejection of American exceptionalism, apologies to third world nations for American progress.
  • Turning away from Constitutional government to Socialism–perhaps Communism.
  • A health care plan, while including some elements Americans want, is far too costly, with taxation in areas not related to health care.
  • Misinterpretation of declining data proving American companies will hire fewer, not more, people in the forthcoming months, actually down by one-third.
  • Continuing to promote major tax increases on companies that provide jobs and income for American families.

The list can go on for pages, but it is far too depressing. Perhaps the polls are wrong.