Voter Ignorance?

Apparently, politicians running for office must certainly believe voters are ignorant, but, then, perhaps we are.

Time after time in electioneering advertising, candidates proclaim “I will do this”, or “I will do that”, promising to lower taxes, generate jobs, fix the economy, and more. Single handed, these folks proclaim they will fix anything and everything broken in our political system, local, state, national, the candidate has all the answers…and promises to fit every occasion.

How can it possibly be that a candidate for the United States House of Representatives, or the Senate for that matter, can promise to fix so many problems? Do they not remember there are others in the Congress with a say in the matter? Do they believe we voters are not aware there are three branches of government in every local, state, and federal operation. No one can simply roll into the capital or city hall and arbitrarily take over… not the mayor, not the governor, not the President. Further, if they try, as has been the case with President Obama and his multitude of Executive Orders, they will face an uphill battle with the voters.

But that’s not all. Candidates of every kind and character dive into the murky waters of innuendo, claiming their opponent did this, didn’t to that, or, needs too do so. A favorite pastime for the paid henchmen of every candidate is to quote out of context, picking up half dozen words from a 20-minute speech, casting a cloud of doubt on the ability, beliefs, or character of their opponent. Every candidate uses this latter tactic, clear evidence the same paid campaign staff is again at work, this time for another candidate.

The tragedy of all of this is half the voters in this nation do not understand with any clarity the causes of our economic meltdown, or, basic economics. Our fellow voters are too busy trying to make ends meet to take the time to research, opting instead to listen to the nightly news talking heads who carefully measure out what they want the public to hear, rather than honestly reporting unbiased coverage.

Frankly, in my view, the best thing that has happened to this nation in 100 years is the advent of the grassroots tea party movement. At least these folks are making a solid attempt to inform their fellow citizens about the issues.