Who’s in Charge?

Apparently, it is a wonder young Americans of all stripes are as confused as they seem to be, irritated by the power-hungry in Washington who ignore citizens at every turn.

A FaceBook “friend” sent a photo of herself to another. She held this sign: “Hey Romney, I am part of the 47% that will never vote for you! The part you got wrong? I am employed, pay income tax, take no hand-outs, yet can’t afford healthcare because of my pre-existing condition! You are a rich, bigoted asshole.” Strong words typical of uninformed, but needy youth.

Interestingly, Romney, although on record favoring the demise of ObamaCare because of its many taxes and forced individual servitude, is also on record favoring the preexisting condition element. So, it appears, in this instance, the young person does not have a full understanding of the facts. The problems with ObamaCare are really singular in nature: It was created by a closeted group of politicians and lobbyists who crafted a bad bill with plenty of taxes and cuts in Medicare to pay the massive bill. Input from the American people through their chosen representatives could have certainly eliminated much of the distrust for this take-over bill through adequate compromise, culling out the bad from the good.

ObamaCare is a perfect illustration of what happens in Washington at the hands of bureaucrats, lobbyists, and selfish politicians seeking power and prestige over average American citizens. Therein lies the larger problem. In the past 50 or 60 years, a disinterested voting populace has given away their power to the employees they have hired. The “Beltway” culture is intrenched, representatives have no idea to whom to go to learn how departments operate. Bureaucrats on the public payroll are running the country with little or no supervision.

The result of all of this gives rise to an acceptance on the part of young voters, struggling to eke out a living, trusting the high-flying rhetoric flowing from the mouths of disingenuous politicians.

The only way to change the Washington culture is to rid the Legislative and Executive branches of those who cannot adhere to the United States Constitution and return to a smaller, less expensive government responding to the voters, not to a larger, socialistic/Marxist government.