Top of the Line

Apparently, President Obama’s interview with Univision news (Thursday, Sept 20) hosts was a disaster for the President, but proved nothing new. In point of fact, the interview only demonstrated the ineptitude of the President and his entire administration.

Univision staff is to be commended for asking the tough questions no other major media outlets had the intestinal fortitude to pose. Shame on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. There are dozens of video clips of portions of the interview available on-line. Suffice it to say, though, Univision’s people proved, without question, two glaring flaws in the President: 1) He lacks the experience necessary to conduct the affairs of the United States of America; 2) His arrogant attitude about his own capabilities is a major personality flaw prompting poor decision-making. I encourage you to Google “Obama Univision Interview”, paying attention to the September 20 date.

Most thinking voters already had a handle on Obama’s major flaws pointed out above, particularly those in the grassroots tea party movement. Tragically for the American People, the national media, indeed no political party, ever properly vetted Obama early on in his campaign for the presidency. None of us, with any certainty, know who is this man. It is said, you can tell who a person is by the company they keep. If that is true, Obama is a Socialist, in the very least, and a Communist, at worst.

In the Univision interview, Obama time and again blamed his failed promises on others. With regard to immigration, he blamed it on a lack of “cooperation” in Washington, DC. What? Even children understand the President represents only the Executive Branch. What about the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. The office of the President is not a dictatorship, although his Executive Orders certainly point to his belief he can rule this nation without input from the Congress or the People.

The attack on the American embassy in Libya is a clear example of the Obama administration inability to understand what is happening in the world, and certainly military tactics. The attackers, teamed into groups from several directions, used rocket propelled grenades, mortar shells,  and similar heavy arms in their multi-prong attacked. A novice could easily have reasoned this was no “spontaneous” uprising based upon an obscure video. The incident points up the administrations inability, under the Constitution, to protect the American People. It was also clear evidence the administration has no clue with regard to dangers posed by others.

I believe, the Obama Administration is dangerously staffed with governmentally incompetent czars and people whose sole purpose is to turn the United States into a socialistic state. — Dan Lee