Talkin’ Turkey

It is abhorrent to me to have to accuse the President of the United States of lying to the American People. We know members of his White House staff lie every day, so, by extension, the President is lying.

In days long gone, “Talkin’ Turkey” meant to discuss only the truth, without slant, innuendo, or twists; speak only the bare facts of the matter. I’ve previously written about the old phrase: “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Both these phrases should be just as valid today, as they were 75 years ago. Check the sites in this column to verify my statements.

Folks speak about the 8.1% unemployment rate. No so, the rate is likely 12 to 14 percent or more, depending on your state of residence. Rates by state (seasonally adjusted) can be found here:  But, that’s only part of the story. You’ll find loads of information on the Department of Labor site. Not included, and a glaring omission, are the nearly 10,000 persons daily who retire, leaving the workforce, and those who just quit looking for work. Most businesses are not replacing newly retired people because of uneasiness about the future of business in this country. It is difficult to find that information.

The economy may be improving, but it cannot be due to the policies of the Administration. It is necessary to chalk that off to the resilience of the American People. Coal mines are shutting down because of new, non-legislated, EPA restrictions. Coal-fired electrical generating plants (a total of six in recent days, 20 more to come) have shut down for the same reason. Look for electricity bills to Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen in the Eastern United States to increase substantially in the next few weeks as a result of the shut downs. Go here to see a report:  Those jobs are being killed by EPA regulations the President could not get through his own Democrat controlled Congress in the “cap and trade” bill.

And, what about all those jobs the Obama Administration declares it saved. If General Motors had gone belly-up, 77,000 American workers would lose their jobs. Even if you add all the GM suppliers, the total is only 350,000 if all those closed up shop, too. GM is not in good shape. General Motors, in the second quarter of 2012, registered a 41% decline in its profit to $1.49 billion or 90 cents per share from $2.52 billion or $1.54 in the corresponding quarter of 2011. Read more:

How about the Federal Budget? The house passed several budget versions, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to allow the Senate to consider any at all, never mind why. The deficit impasse is clearly political, and both parties are to blame. In years past, federal budgets have increased automatically, now, Google “Automatic Federal Budget Increases”, or anything similar, never using the work “cuts” and the 100,000 or so resulting hits never mention increases. Every page reference in the first six or eight search research results involve the “dangers” of budget “cuts”. I wonder why?

China refuses to loan the U.S. any more money, and, indeed, China’s economy is nearing collapse. The Federal Reserve is now printing money for which it has no funding at all…paper dollars with no back-up funds at all. This, alone is a frightening situation and cause for every American to demand a stop.

Frankly, I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, this country needs an immediate change. The only way I can see to make that happen is to vote Obama and his folks out of office. Certainly, Mitt Romney, a solid businessman, cannot be worse. — Dan Lee