Just Sometimes?

Are you a sometimes person? It is important, you know.

Tolerance is one thing, but solid core values are much more important. Things like, God, Country, Family, Duty, Honor, are important core values for Americans. Do you always have them, or, just sometimes?

It is convenient to walk away, rather than stand on your principles. It’s easier to remain quiet, rather than calmly speak your mind.

Do you find yourself rationalizing, rather than face something head-on using your firm core values as argument? Do you bend just a little under peer pressure? Or, do you stand your ground.

Finally, do you arm yourself with solid, verifiable,  facts as the underpinning of your core beliefs, or, do you simply follow along?

The Founding Fathers of these United States were not ‘sometimes’ followers of the Constitution, they believed in it wholeheartedly, unstintingly, no reservations, no ifs, no and, no wavering. It was then, and is now, very important.

“The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” — George Washington.