Real or Smokescreen?

All the flap over the anti-Muhammad video, in my view, is a smokescreen. There are many sources from which to choose solid information on this issue. I am completely convinced the continuing attacks/demonstrations against United States embassies is part of a well planned effort beginning many months ago.

Now, each of us must decide for what purpose these criminal activities have been undertaken. Here’s my list, in no particular order: 1) The 9-11 anniversary; 2) A distraction from real U.S. election issues; 3) An all-out effort to rid the Middle-East of U.S. presence; 4) Distract from Iran’s continuing A-bomb efforts; 5) Pushing back against a weaken U.S. resolve; 6) Knowing there will be only a diplomatic response from an Administration lacking intestinal fortitude; 7) There are many more you can add, all of which may cause the FBI to arrive on my doorstep and yours.