Heartbreak Hotel

It is heartbreaking!

It is heartbreaking to find, after three-quarters of a century, my country is being guided down a path to ruin.

It is heartbreaking politicians of every stripe, for their own self-interests, are enabling the destruction of these United States.

It is heartbreaking our elected officials are unable to recognize the positions the People elected them to undertake.

It is heartbreaking those who seek elective office will say anything to the People to assure election, reversing themselves at every turn.

It is heartbreaking every person who seeks elective office is not REQUIRED to participate in and pass a class in understanding the five pages that have made this country what it is today–Declaration of Independence; Constitution of the United States; Bill of Rights.

It is heartbreaking politicians cannot understand one cannot spend what you do not have.

It is heartbreaking those elected to serve cannot understand there are limits to taxation the People can withstand.

It is heartbreaking politicians do not understand Lincoln’s words: “…of the People, by the People, for the People…”.

Yes, I’m heartbroken our elected representatives no longer represent the People for whom they work!