Shades of Gray

Apparently, the most ineffective, perhaps,most  inefficient, operations in America are managed by the Federal Government. Some say the “incompetence” is rampant, and yet federal employment rolls continue to expand.

“The number of federal employees grew by 123,000, or 6.2%, under President Obama, according to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. Much of the hiring increases came in the departments of homeland security, justice, veterans and defense,” according to CNN, a liberal media bastion.

Two years ago, Tad DeHaven, of CATO institute, put it this way, “Government efficiency proponents make the mistake of viewing the cost of government in the same light as the cost of operating a private business. However, government cannot operate like a business because it isn’t a business.”

Apparently, therein lies our problem: We expect government to operate with the same efficiency and budget constraints each of us must follow in our own families and business dealings. Government cannot do so. Why, you say? It is simple: Government has no product to produce, nor profitability to seek. Departments and agencies need to do nothing more than produce paperwork to demonstrate someone else has complied with massive rules and procedures the office has generated. Governmental policies dictate mountains of paperwork others must undertake to receive back their own money in return. How can that ever be reasonable? The result is a citizenry trapped into begging the federal government for a small cut of their own money to spend.

Elimination of “baseline budgeting”, the practice of automatic annual budget increases passed in the 70’s, was approved by the House in February 2012, but went nowhere in the Senate, a political decision. Automatic increases reward inefficiency.

If November elections produce even a small climate to reduce government spending and size, it must be painful. Elimination of waste itself will mean federal employees become part of the unemployment number.

Are you ready to accept painful realities?