A Distraction

This piece will please no one. The subject is hotly debated, both sides zealous in support or opposition.

Apparently, the questions of “Right to Life”, and “Right to Choose” have become pawns in the political process. Indeed, the two positions have become a distraction, causing the voting citizenry of this country to polarize on one side or another in an issue in which government does not belong in the first place. The result of the discussion has caused we free Americans to lose our grip on our elected officials, our employees. We concentrate so much on this single issue we’ve lost track of our government gone a-muck.

Governments, local, state, or federal, have no business deciding who lives and who dies, through funding, lack of it, or otherwise. In fact, however, we are doing it every day. The new healthcare law, usually referred to as “Obamacare”, weighs in on both sides of the issue. On the one hand, it will clearly set forth requirements and rules that will decide the fate of millions of Americans, particularly Senior Citizens, regulating limits on care and the medication individuals can receive, i.e. whether they shall live to a ripe old age, or die earlier for lack of care. On the other hand, the same healthcare law provides funding for abortion, clearly a death sentence to a human being.

The Constitution, in my view, does not provide government the right to decide life. Nor, does it give government the privilege of deciding which woman must carry her child to term. While, personally, I solidly in the “Right to Life” column, the Constitution does not give me the right to tell my neighbor to which moral standard he should live.