Warranted Fear?

Apparently, it is difficult not to consider what could occur, should the President invoke “martial law”, as he has given himself authority to do in several Executive Orders issued in the past 36 months. Most seem to believe considering such a move in these United States is “fear mongering”, an unacceptable behavior. So, what is your opinion? Do you believe your local law enforcement officers will draw down on the very citizens they are sworn to protect. Will the military, as is their duty under the constitution, occupy our streets and neighborhoods? Should we fear our top elected official, now with the power to unilaterally decide if there is a “national emergency” afoot? Read this: http://www.eutimes.net/2012/08/russian-expert-predicts-obama-will-declare-martial-law-in-america-by-end-of-2012/  Then, read this: http://kaygranger.house.gov/weekly-enewsletter-executive-order-you-should-know-about  Various federal agencies have now purchased millions of rounds of soft-point ammunition, even though their rolls are not in law enforcement. Why? My opinion… we can only wait and pray.