A Bitter Pill

Successful efforts by the Republican establishment to neuter tea party delegate inroads to the 2016 convention will be a bitter pill to swallow. It is possible, I suppose, many tea party faithful, as a direct result of the rebuke by the GOP power-hungry, will not vote for Mitt Romney in November. In a close election, it could spell disaster. Hopefully, the goal to remove the current administration will take precedence. Grassroots activists, by any measure, were the primary influence in the upsurge of the Republican Party in 2012. Without the tea party folks, the GOP faltered miserably prior to 2010, it was all but totally ineffective in national politics. It was unable to communicate with voters, had no infective message, and no dedicated philosophy, attempting instead to be all things to all people. It is true, the “shove it down their throat” attitude of the Democrat majority and its standard bearer in the Oval Office brought Americans out of a deep sleep, but, the Republican hierarchy may well have committed a grave error in its thirst to retain power. Tea party folks will not forget. It may well be these grassroots activists could finally bring forth a third party, an entity and people worthy of their hard work support and convictions. Apparently, the GOP establishment is undeserving, and does not care.