Passion, Please

Apparently, it is not difficult to discern who are the speakers passionate for their principles, the mechanical head turns toward teleprompters clearly identifying those who must read their words (or, those written for them by others). Of course, there are those who use the prompters, but the dedicated folks deftly work themselves through their speech with the teleprompters without obvious movement. Examples of true conviction the past few days at the GOP Convention are clear: Ted Cruz, of Texas, walked the stage without perceptible use of an aid; Ann Romney‘s simple love and understanding for her husband, was clear; Gov. Chris Christie‘s plain talk emotion can hold anyone listening spellbound; Condoleezza Rice‘s boldly intelligent command of the English language, and knowledge of subject was without equal; and, Rep. Paul Ryan‘s youthful outline of where the United States has been taken, and how we must sacrifice to extricate ourselves, was moving and exciting. And, of course, there are the media “anchors”, spending more time complaining about Condoleezza’s speech beginning before their networks came on the air at 10 PM, rather than insightful commentary, was just plain stupid. The networks had the opportunity to cover it all, and chose not to do so. Passion and dedication to the ideals that made the country great cannot be replaced by a teleprompter… but, then, that’s just me!